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03/02/2015 12:19pm
Blizzard have released some great new screenshots of Hanamura.

Hanamura is a Point Capture map set in an idyllic corner of Japan—a refuge for tradition in a city ruled by technology. But the serenity is shattered as teams battle for control of its tranquil temples and gardens, and bullets rain down from the rooftops like cherry blossoms from the trees.


Check out the full gallery on the Official Overwatch Facebook Page.
#17 - 16/10/2016 11:23am
Love hanamura, looks gr8
#16 - 23/09/2016 12:47am
#13 - 01/07/2016 1:45am
This is one of my favorite maps. All of them are pretty beautiful. tongue
#12 - 14/06/2016 12:19pm
All are welcome
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