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16/01/2015 13:37pm
We're a bit late reporting this, however, it's worth us mentioning to the community.

Many of you will have read that Blizzard are currently engaged in a dispute over the name of their upcoming title, Overwatch.

Innovis Labs, Inc was technically first to register the trademark for the name "Overwatch". The developer in question uses the name as a label for their smartphone app which is used to "enhance the experience of real life paintball, laser tag and airsoft matches".

So what does this mean for Blizzard? In theory, they will have to make a decision. Try to buyout the rights to the name, or give Overwatch a brand new title.

We'd love to hear some of our readers ideas on what Overwatch could be called in future? How about "OverCrotch" or "UnderWatch"? Be sure to post your ideas below.
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I guess it's all about the money. If Innovis Labs, Inc won't want much for that title, then Blizzard will buy it, if they want a LOT, Blizzard won't buy it. Simple.
And about the name if they had to change it, I don't know. I'm not good at inventing names tongue
But I don't like the ones you suggested.

Btw, I like that you used an image where Zenyatta is like "STOP" in a post about something that stopped Blizzard in their plans tongue


I just had to tongue
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