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22/12/2014 15:04pm
Youtube user Muselk has posted a great new video providing his own overview and insight into Overwatch.

We'll be featuring more high quality Overwatch videos as and when we find them.
#6 - 22/12/2014 4:06pm Last Edited 22/12/2014 4:25pm
I haven't watch the whole video, but I'm sure there's nothing new for me in it. I still like it, though. It'sa a cool summary of all we know about Overwatch. For someone who doesn't yet know much about it, this video is a great place to start searching for info. In 8 minutes it shows all the most important aspects of the game.
The speaker's voice is nice to listen and he's good at talking. Overall, a very good video smile

P.S. I actually watched some more of Muselk's videos and I subscribed his channel. He makes very good content.
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