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04/02/2018 02:58am
Team Requirements:
Must be Silver(1600+)
One Star Portraits and Above
Must have placements done
Can communicate in its future mandatory meetings for the team

Communication Expectations:
Must be 16+ to join
Have a mature personality, no screaming, earraping, or TOXICITY at all.
Discord is its main source of the team

I am the owner, Asuki. (GalacticShard is my former alias name.)

Tryouts are everyday after 3:30pm MST! Check your local timezone to match.

To reach out to me, join the newly made Cryptic 6 Discord Server!

More contacts to me:
Asuki#11223 (
Asuki#8929 (Discord)
@Asuki_OW (Twitter & Instagram)

Cryptic 6
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