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"adam, the new mercy main"
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30/01/2018 08:37am
Read our info so you can learn about us....

We are currently looking for more people to join us so we can always have a high number of people on at once. Plus we are always looking for more friends. We are far from pro gamers. Our SR ranges anywhere from bronze to diamond (a lot of us have alt accounts so we can play with each other). All are welcome here. We are a little older (late 20s, early 30s) but age does not matter. Some of us are married. We would want other members to at least be someone who isn't going to get toxic or super bad manners (having fun, joking around is fine and encouraged). Our biggest need is probably support mains, but we can use anything for depth. Hit me up at TurtlePunch#11117 if you are interested.
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