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10/02/2017 12:05pm
I'd like to take this opportunity to feature EnGamer Network's latest project to assist with the Clan recruitment effort.

I'd like to present Looking For Clan.

We're constantly finding that each new game offers their own unique platforms for clan recruitment. While these tools are useful, it's a constant uphill battle to ensure your clan is properly represented on each new system.

LFC aims to address that. We're setting up a single portal covering all games and platforms. Our mission is to ensure Players and Clans have access to everything across the board in one place. Clans can create profiles and mark the games / platforms they support.

Meanwhile, players can create listings and mark the games and platforms they want to play. The whole system is geared towards matching clans and players to each-other.

We've already got a section dedicated to Overwatch Clans so make sure your clan is listed for maximum exposure.

This is the first stable release, so you can expect much more from the site as we move forwards into a bright and prosperous future.

This new service will be run in parallel to Overwatch Clans, so anyone still using this site as a base of operations can continue to do so!
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03/02/2015 12:19pm
Blizzard have released some great new screenshots of Hanamura.

Hanamura is a Point Capture map set in an idyllic corner of Japan—a refuge for tradition in a city ruled by technology. But the serenity is shattered as teams battle for control of its tranquil temples and gardens, and bullets rain down from the rooftops like cherry blossoms from the trees.


Check out the full gallery on the Official Overwatch Facebook Page.
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Posted By CloudWolf
21/01/2015 12:44pm
Blizzard have officially launched their Heroes of the Storm Founders Pack. For only $39.99 players can receive:

- THREE HEROES: Raynor, Diablo, and Tyrande
- THREE SKINS: Commander Raynor, Lurkablo Diablo, and Blood Elf Tyrande
- EPIC MOUNT: Golden Cyberwolf
- A STASH OF GOLD: 2,500 in-game gold to help unlock additional heroes and other content
- ACCESS TO THE NEXUS: Immediate access to play Heroes of the Storm

This represents a shift in the way that Blizzard has run their Beta's in the past. Not only will their be a random selection process, but players will be able to but their way into the Beta as well.

I for one like this approach. Before, it was complete luck of the draw when it came to accessing Betas. No Blizzard have put the power into our hands to choose to take part.

Depending on how this goes, we may well see this type of structure when the Overwatch Beta finally arrives.

Are Blizzard being kind by letting us chose to take part, or is this another case of company greed? We'd love to hear your thoughts on this.
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16/01/2015 13:37pm
We're a bit late reporting this, however, it's worth us mentioning to the community.

Many of you will have read that Blizzard are currently engaged in a dispute over the name of their upcoming title, Overwatch.

Innovis Labs, Inc was technically first to register the trademark for the name "Overwatch". The developer in question uses the name as a label for their smartphone app which is used to "enhance the experience of real life paintball, laser tag and airsoft matches".

So what does this mean for Blizzard? In theory, they will have to make a decision. Try to buyout the rights to the name, or give Overwatch a brand new title.

We'd love to hear some of our readers ideas on what Overwatch could be called in future? How about "OverCrotch" or "UnderWatch"? Be sure to post your ideas below.